Our solution is built to meets the Council Private Education’s Edu-Trust requirements, including the generation of student contracts & the tracking of the Fee Protection Scheme. The Edu-Trust Setup & Administration module is designed to enable users to generate CPE reports with just one click in the system.

It is also designed to be student-centric, allowing users to perform all student transactions (billing, collection, enrolment transactions, schedule transactions, etc.) or student-related tasks quickly from the Student Service Centre. This provides for excellent users’ experience as well as high productivity as they are able to accomplish their transactions and tasks from a single location.

The Billing & Collection module is built with the double entry bookkeeping system so that in case of error, each debit & credit can be traced back to a journal & transaction source document, thus preserving an audit trail. It also helps to manage the student’s installment plan details.


Our solution is built to meet the requirements of CET (Continuing Education & Training) centers as well as the Ministry of Manpower’s CET (Continuing Education & Training) Masterplan. It is designed to manage a comprehensive suite of structured skills training pathways across different industries. It captures enhanced funding support for training, including Skillsfuture Singapore WSQ CET Centre Funding.

It is student-centric, allowing users to perform all trainees’ transactions (billing, collection, enrolment, schedule, etc.) or trainee-related tasks quickly from the Student Service Centre. This provides for excellent users’ experience as well as high productivity as they are able to accomplish their transactions and tasks from a single location.

The Funding Management module provides the System Administrator the flexibility to set up new funds as and when they occur. The System Administrator is able to enable or disable the funding administration process as well as to select course fee computation.



We offer professional advice on how to fully optimize resources and increase revenue with the help of our solution(s). With more than over 10 years of domain knowledge, expertise and experience in the education and training industry, we are able to share with our clients the industry’s best practices. We can conduct requirement gathering study and preparation of functional specifications for the purpose of invite tenders or request for proposal.

Project Management

Backed by a team of experienced Project Managers, our Project Methodology ensures adherence to scope, schedule and budget. As our PMs understand all the micro and macro challenges faced by our clients, they will be able to empathize and manage the users. They will also act as catalysts and change agents to bring about the desired outcome of the project.


As part of our implementation services, we provide the following to our clients:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Requirement Study
  • System Design & Development
  • System Configuration
  • Performance / Load / Integration / User Acceptance Testing
  • Parallel Run
  • Maintenance and Support

Data Migration

We provide data migration tools which can move data effectively between source and destination. With a tested and proven Migration and QA Plan in place, our clients can validate that all migrated data have been properly and accurately translated.

Change Management

User Training

We offer on-site and off-site instructor-led classroom training complete with user guides and training manuals to ensure that our clients are able to realize the full potential of our solution. With a trainer to trainee ratio of not more than 1 to 10, our clients are assured of an effective and efficient learning environment where all participants will have sufficient hands-on practice.

Help Desk

We can station I-Access personnel with the relevant domain expertise and the appropriate personality fulltime in our client’s premises to man the Helpdesk for a specified duration after the commissioning of the system to address all support issues. Client’s support personnel shall be designated to shadow this person in order to learn the tips and tricks in rendering support for the system after his departure.

Interface with External System

We provide interfaces with other external systems (to our solution) to create a seamless end-to-end solution for our clients. We recommend interfacing with the following external systems, if applicable:

  • Finance Management System
  • HR System
  • E-Learning System
  • Online Payment
  • E-Attendance System
  • Optical Mark Readers
  • E-Signature Pads